Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is timeshare ownership?
Timeshare is also known as vacation ownership or interval ownership allows you to own a part of a 5 star resort for a specified period of time. Timeshare is the fastest growing sector of the leisure industry. You pay a one-time purchase price, legal fees, and an annual maintenance fee. From that date on, you own a week of vacation time.

Q. Who owns Timeshare intervals?
Over 3 million owners in 174 countries worldwide have seen the great value of owning their vacation accommodations. Timeshare global sales have reached over $6 billion with nearly 5,000 resorts worldwide.

Q. Why is timeshare growing so fast?
Convenience, Flexibility and Value. Timeshare intervals are fully equipped and maintained with your annual maintenance fee. All you need are your clothes and your equipment for your favorite vacation activity. If you own a week in one season and desire to travel in another season to a different resort, it can be arranged through an exchange company. Your vacation accommodations are paid forever. You can even pass along your ownership to your heirs.

Q.Does the tour take more than 90 minutes?
The tour is limited to 90 minutes after a free breakfast. Tour can run longer depending on your level of interest and how many questions you ask. Your only obligation is 90 minutes after free breakfast.

Q. Do I have to buy anything?

No your only obligation is to meet resort qualifications and give them 90 minutes to present the benefits of their 5 star resort. After the tour you will receive your free tickets, free hotel stay or discounted vacation package.

Q. Is the sales presentation high pressure?
Resort representatives are personable, professional and not pushy. The goal is to explain the benefits of vacation ownership and how you can become part of the fastest growing sector of the leisure industry.

Q. I don't meet resort qualifications?
In order to receive a gift or premium you must meet the developers qualifications. The resort will offer you a courtesy tour with no gift or premium.

Q. Can I tour resort on day of arrival?
No you must have spent 1 night in a local hotel, motel, timeshare or vacation rental.

Q. I am staying with friend's or family?
This offer is only available for those that spent 1 night in a local hotel, motel, timeshare or vacation rental.

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